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Soul Drivers Gimick
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Joined: 25th Mar 2013
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31st Mar 2013

Finisher: Soul Drop
Trademark: Modified Two-Handed Face Buster (soon to be Exorcism)
Taunt: Blood Smear
Build: Strength

Gimmick: By finding strength in the pain of others, Soul Driver is a strange one. He normally wears a necklace of bones, what could be human, but mostly animal. He doesn't act wild, but does freak out the announcers and interviewers whenever he's around them, asking them when the last time they bled was.

In a match, he always goes for the bleed attack, and his taunt is taking the blood of his opponent and smearing it on himself. In RP's, this is used to get him to come back from a blow, shrugging off the pain and keep going.

So, in a nutshell, Soul Driver likes to make people bleed, and gains power from that. The urge to hurt people and how far he goes in the ring to do so is what makes him a heel in the eyes of the fans.

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Last Edit: 31st Mar 2013 by Soul Driver
Forum » Welcome » Gimmicks/bio
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